A Wedding in Bosnia

getting engagedThere are few places on the planet that are as lush and romantic as Florence, and if you’re planning your wedding in that stunning locale, you could be married in a potato sack and you’d still look and feel spectacular. I’m guessing that isn’t your gown of choice, so let’s play with some ideas about how to pull off an exquisite wedding, Tuscan-style.

Tuscan Wedding

Simple elegance is the way to go here: no princess dresses or grandiose poufs. Aim for a shift dress that can flow in the gentle Mediterranean breeze, and incorporate colours that complement the landscape, such as blush, peach, white, light olive green, and the soft dove grey of old stone. For a touch of old-world romance, consider a long lace veil – if you have an antique piece handed down by your gran, that would be perfect.

Florence was the centre of the Italian Renaissance, and both the art and architecture that abounds in that city are truly spectacular. The locales you’d be able to choose from for your ceremony, photos, and reception are absolutely exquisite, so whether you’d like the gravitas of an old cathedral or the airy beauty of an olive grove, you’ll find the location that’s ideal for you.

Can you imagine a rooftop dinner reception overseeing the Duomo, so you can look out over the city as the sun sets? Or perhaps an al fresco dining experience in a thousand-year-old vineyard?

Bosnian Wedding Idea Moodboard

Take advantage of the fresh flavours and produce in the Florentine region’s cuisine, and celebrate with a meal that the Medicis would have been proud to eat. White bean crostini that can be dipped into local olive oil and balsamic vinegar would be gorgeous, as would an antipasti spread of cold cuts, olives, and fresh vegetables.

Prosciutto with melon is a truly divine pairing, and an assortment of cheeses and nuts would also be lovely to begin with. Maltagliati pasta with either wild boar or vegetable ragout makes for a spectacular first course, as does pappardelle with tomatoes, basil, pecorino cheese, and pine nuts.

Osso bucco or a selection of roast meats would be a great main course, with a wild mushroom risotto for vegetarian/vegan guests.

Lest we forget, what would a wedding in Tuscany be like without an assortment of spectacular wines? Your desserts can also reflect the flavours of the region, with lemon granita and prosecco semifreddo complementing a cake of your choosing.

One of the greatest things about getting married in Florence is that you don’t have to stress about making it to your honeymoon location on time: you’re already there! Just hop on a scooter for two with “Just Married” ribbons all over it, and zip off to a vineyard for some much-needed R&R.

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