Things to Do in Bosnia

travel vacation jewelry bosniaThe typical bachelor party consists of strippers and gambling. Although this all sounds fun and dirty not all guys want to spend their own money in one night or watch another girl dance when they might have wives or girlfriends back home.

Luckily there are a lot of things that you can do that don’t involve you getting in trouble. We came up with a couple of suggestions that will make this bachelor party a night to remember or weekend depending how crazy you want to get.

1. Whitewater rafting – if you can find a place that will do a level 4 or higher your in a for a great ride. The hitting of the waves, the rapid paddling, the possibility of being thrown off your boat, that is exciting! Anything below a level 3 is simple and easy to do, your mostly just floating down a river which is still fun. If they allow you to bring a cooler fill it up with a couple of drinks, bring a pair of shades, and just sit back and relax with your boys. Just google for the closes rafting establishment near you.

2. Paint balling – Besides being a great stress reliever this allows the guys to finally use their black ops game knowledge. Normally you would play paintball in an outdoor arena during the day time, but paintball has evolved and if you can find a place where they do extreme sports some places will have a theme based paintball game from a zombie version to an actual black ops mock up. So instead of being home and playing an online game with your buddies, live it by being in the game.

3. Road Trip – So before you say, “road trips suck!” they don’t always as long as you plan it carefully and not all of sudden. Don’t cram yourself in a car or take two cars if you have that many people. Rent a min-van or something that will hold all of you guys.

Load it up with the necessities of snacks like beer and chips, and on a map choose a couple of locations that would be fun to visit. Heck, why not bring camping gear and if one of those night you guys can find a place to it up! This truly is a great male bonding experience.

4. Skydiving or Parasailing – I’ve personally have never done either of these, but I have heard from many people that it is the most coolest thing you will ever do. The experience and the feeling is almost incomparable and such a release. So to me this sounds like the perfect activity for your best buds to do together.

5. Racetracks – If your a fan of Fast and the Furious then you will love this idea. Obviously, no one is going to hand you a set of keys so you can go ahead and drive like a maniac, but there are places where you can experience it. You can get in the passenger seat of a real race car and feel what they feel. The ride itself will surely get the juices going in you and ready to party more.

After a long day, this is when the typical party part starts. Hit up your favorite bar or lounge and relax with your boys. Let the good times roll. Happy marriage.

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