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Tourists who intend to spend a few days in Sarajevo, accommodation in a number of hostels will pay 15 - 60 KM. However, the tourism board say that, according to their data, their work reported only four hostels.


This is how you too can spend active weekend with your friends or co-workers on rafting in beautiful National Park Una.
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This 90 minute tour will introduce you to the very interesting history of this city and its inhabitants. Learn the story of the city’s founding and its growth.


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Sarajevo's Ottoman buildings, bazaars and chic cafes aren't the city's only draw – it's also a great base for exploring rural areas nearby.
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Herzegovina Museum - Mostar

The Herzegovina Museum in Mostar offers a wealth of diverse and creative of works of art. The Museum has become a repository of cultural and historical heritage, the memory keeper, the institution which gives a specific quality to Mostar milieu – cultural heritage and its presentation through different forms of cultural life and activities.

The Herzegovina Museum was established in 1950 with the purpose to find, collect, keep and present the rich cultural and historical heritage of Mostar and Herzegovina to the public. The Museum collections include tens of thousands museum objects, documents, photographs and oher material.
Archeological and ethnographic artefacts, manuscripts, as well as literary and historical, library, and numismatic artefacts and other objects in the exhibition space and Museum depots, are a very lively and picturesque symbols of turbulent events from Mostar and Herzegovina past.

Numerous remnants of the old times, kept in the Herzegovina Museum, testify to the intensity and permanence of such events. The Museum management is located in Memorial House of "Dzemal Bijedic" at 4 Bajatova Street. The Museum is open to public and scholars.

The Herzegovina Museum departments include:

    * Memorial House of Dzemal Bijedic
    * Memorial House of Svetozar Corovic
    * Tara Tower - ("The Old Bridge Museum“ department)

The Old Bridge – The Tara Tower

The Herzegovina Museum department, the "Old Bridge Museum“, dedicated to historical development of the City of Mostar and reconstruction of the Old Bridge is located next to the Old Bridge .
A single-span stone bridge of unique beauty and arch structure was built upon the order of Suleiman the Magnificent from 1557 to 1566 by the architect Mimar Hajruddin under the design made by Kodzo Mimar Sinan.

The Museum creates an image of life on the bridge and around it through all of its aspects ranging from cultural/historical, architectural, economic, military to everyday life. The specifics of the old city center development and intertwining of the bridge and the city are pronounced.

The archeological excavations (2001-2003) were conducted at the time of the Old Bridge reconstruction. The results of the research provided new information about the existence of the city by the bridge and two towers on the Neretva, as recorded in the oldest testament of their existence written in 1452 .

The excavations proved the existence of two older wooden bridges from the Middle Ages.

A part of museum collection is the authentic archeological location below the access to the tower and mobile archeological materials, archives and architectural documents exhibited on the floors of the tower.

The view of the Old Town and beyond is beautiful from the top of the tower. In 2005, UNESCO inscribed the Old Town and the Bridge on the World Heritage List. 

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